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Visit Rochefort

14039947_1366712416690232_1443302399708902218_nNot only is Rochefort a pretty and accessible French town it has some wonderful sights to visit. Built as a naval base and ancient ship building dock Rochefort makes for a great day out for the fun loving family.

If you are lucky the Hermione will be in dock and is worth the trip on its own. Hand built over the last twenty years out of 4000 oak trees, she is a fully sea going replica of the original ship that took Lafayette to North America to aid the war effort against the British.

You will be able to board her and tour all around with or without a guide in English and also visit the installations that guide you through each stage of her build. There is a great gift shop too where you can purchase all manner of nautical items as a reminder of your visit.

Slap bang next door to L’Hermione in an ancient dry dock is a huge purpose-built “ship” for climbing. In the same vein as Go Ape you are able to safely climb through the rigging of a ship and traverse from mast to mast using all kinds of ropes and ladders.

Slap bang next to that is the Corderie, the old rope making building. Go and see how these enormous ropes were put together in a very long building!

Of course there are all the usual restaurants and bars etc and there is a great market. Parking is very easy and the town is small enough to walk around easily. Rochefort is just over an hour and fifteen minutes leisurely driving away.

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