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Canoeing is a very popular sport here in France. Could there be anything else more relaxing than a peaceful paddle along the Charente river? You are able to hire canoes in Jarnac or nearby Vibrac and both Cognac and Angouleme. You may however want to take advantage of the Courtyard’s own canoe, for those of you in the know, a Nova Craft Prospector model, and spend a dusky evening silently gliding along spotting the kingfishers and coypu. We will be happy to drop you off and pick you up for a small fee should you require. We have the facility to carry three canoes plus camping gear should you decide to bring your own boat and go further afield.

The Charente is a quiet river, and in summer you are able to paddle up or down river without too much strain at all. There are a few fun spots however where you can pick up a faster flow or play around in several weirs. We can point you in the right direction, or indeed accompany you if you insist!

There are a number of kayak slalom runs close by. Angouleme and Jarnac are the longest, Jarnac being home to an Olympic kayak silver medalist who’s family runs a canoe hire business. You can hire both open Canadian style canoes and also kayaks.

It really doesn’t get much better than this.

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