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The Good Ship Hermione

Rebuilding General Lafayette’s frigate.
Since 1996, alongside the estuary of the Charente in Rochefort, an extraordinary project has been underway: the reconstruction of the frigate Hermione which in 1780 took the Marquis de Lafayette to America, with a message for General Washington: a promise of french aid to support the American rebels in their War of Independence.
Today, thanks to everyone’s efforts, after more than fifteen years of work, Hermione’s reconstruction is complete and the voyage across the Atlantic to America, in celebration of her illustrious predecessor, is about to become a reality.

Hermione is an absolutel masterpiece and well worth a visist. She is easily reached from The Courtyard in about an hour.

The Hermione will sail again in March 2015 to recreate La Fayette’s journey from Rochefort to Boston. They also travel via the Franco-American historical stops along the eastern coast of the United States of America.

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