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Pony Riding

We are very lucky here at The Courtyard as we have some good French friends who run a superb stables. Catering for all ages and levels of ability from baby-pony to show jumping and eventing you are sure to get the ride you are looking for. We can offer you accommodation including the riding stables booking and will be happy to accompany you on the first day to make sure you feel at home, pick ups and drop offs are available for a small fee. Madam Monet is very professional and will take care of you. You will see that her stables are run as a tight ship and is immaculate throughout. The ponies are wonderful and full of character and well groomed and healthy.

Les Bouchauds is the hamlet where the stables are based. It is set atop a hill with beautiful scenery. Through a shady oak wood is the roman amphitheatre where a lovely morning trek is the perfect start to the day.


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