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Gin and Lemon Cake

12716140_1096702410381615_2487016283736085749_oGin and lemon cake recipe
For the size tin you see in pic.
The night before half fill a standard jam jar with California raisins or golden raisins the fill up with gin Until raisins are covered plus half a cm I used tanqueray as it was a gift.
Next day put oven on to preheat to 180.
Line with baking paper spray with an oil spray or grease with butter.
In food processor put 6oz lightly salted butter, 6oz caster sugar whizz till light pale and fluffy. Add 3 eggs whizz again. Add juice of a medium lemon plus the zest whizz again. Add 6oz self raising flour. Whizz again then throw in the jar of fat Ginny raisins and quickly pulse a couple of times to incorporate without chopping raisins up.
Pour into the tin. I doubled this and did two.
Cook for 30 – 40 mins till cooked and skewer comes out clean.
Now for the sticky bit. Leave in the tin.
Mix juice of another lemon with a tablespoon a of gin and 4 or 5 sifted tablespoons of icing sugar to form a glaze and pour over while still warm in the tin.
After 30 mins or so lift out with the paper and when cool give another sift of icing sugar and some grated zest
If giving to children you can leave the neat gin out of the glaze……..

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