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Cognac & Angouleme

There are many wonderful sights to see in the Cognac region of France. So many that you will have to come back time and again to fit them all in!

A simple tour of the streets of either Angouleme or Cognac is a wonderful way to enjoy your time in France. Both cities have beautiful old towns with narrow streets and offer a wide range of bars and restaurants, things to do and both have all the shopping opportunities you could wish for!

There are museums, parks and lovely buildings to enjoy for free.

Both Cognac & Angouleme host a number of large festivals throughout the year. Gastronomy lovers have their very own festival, young farmers who produce Cognac host a night festival and  the Cognac Blues Passions which has showcased Sting, BB King, Tom Jones, Hugh Lawrie and the great Robert Plant is an intimate festival of the best in music.

If World Music is more your theme then Musique Metises in Angouleme is a rare treat.

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