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Eating at The Courtyard

Goat's Cheese Tart
Eating at the Courtyard

Breakfast can be taken in the dining room or on the terrace. Available from 7.00am, we strive to use local and home grown organic produce. Most days there is a selection

Buying Property

Over the past year or so we have noticed that a large proportion of our guests are here buying a property; some for a new home, others for a holiday home.

Hotel L’Essille Bassac

This is a very east review to write as it will only take a second. Absolutely fabulous in every way. Great Cognac collection. Really attentive service. Wonderful menu. Superb food. Everything item on each dish was perfect. A… Read More

King Long Chinese Angouleme

The new chinese buffet style restaurant on the Gond Pontouvre near Angouleme is a great place to eat. With its relaxed style of dining and family atmosphere it is worth a visit. Choose from Japanese Sushi and all… Read More